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Ready to create a scalable online coaching program?


Join Build A Beta, the free 3-part workshop where we'll create the prototype for your signature group coaching program

Workshop Dates: July 6th-July 10th

Expand your impact & make more money while avoiding the 1:1 burnout

You've been wondering what the next level in your business could look like and this is it! Learn the coaching model that will get you closer to your revenue goals.



Increasing your client capacity without increasing your work load 

How to start & run your group program for under $50 

The simple outline to creating a framework that gets your clients repeatable results

The secret to ditching overwhelm, freeing up your time, while also increasing revenue in your coaching business

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The "sell first, create later" method to pre-selling your offer before it's fully built

TRAINING 1: July 6th
  • Ditch the 1:1 model to increase your dollars and your impact 

I will be breaking down how the group coaching model can help you consistently reach your revenue goals AND expand your reach.

TRAINING 2: July 8th
  • The key to designing your program for maximum results

No more customizing your services based on the needs of individual clients. I will help you create your recipe for success (aka framework) that you can use to get each of your clients results.

TRAINING 3: July 10th
  • Simplify your program set up & delivery

Coaches + experts often stick to 1:1 work longer than they need to because they have no idea how to make a group format work. This training will show you how to quickly (& easily) get your group program off the ground.

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I teach women how to effectively package what they know so they can finally get paid the money they deserve.

My mission is to help black women create impactful group programs + make more money without having to sacrifice more of their time. 

I'm Vanessa, your workshop host...